Monday, September 21, 2015

How To: Mini Fabric Bolts

I thought I'd start sharing a trick or two of how I build puppet parts, maintain puppets, and keep my work space organized... for the most part. I still need a lot of help in that department. To kick us off, I'm going to share what Tracy found to help us keep organized those larger pieces of scrap fabric; because while I have these awesome wicker baskets to help store scrap stuff, I really have no clue what I have.

So this:

Turned into this:

All you need:
    - a piece of foam core or cardboard or a cereal box or anything flat
    - an xacto knife
    - a ruler
    - sewing pins

I cut the foam core bolt to 10" tall by 6" wide. Then you lay out your scrap fabric on a flat surface.

Fold the fabric so that some of the board sticks out of either end.

Then, all you do is fold it over until you reach the end of the piece of scrap fabric.

Fold in the corners (if you want), pin in place, and that's it.

My how to's will get better. I promise. If you need some more instruction, just put "mini fabric bolts" into Google, and you will find a ton of posts.

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