Monday, September 12, 2011

More Finger Puppets

           I really appreciate all of the fun suggestions. Since there were so many that I liked and plan on making it may take a bit for them to get made. I will definitly keep you guys up to scratch on all the progress. You can read most of the suggestions from the comments, however some ideas were sent via email and facebook. These are a few I can't wait to make. 
  • Gnomes
  • Worms (I think however I might make a rod worm instead of a finger puppet worm. Sort of like the baby snake seen below.)
  • Yak (with a little research)
  • Bugs (all types like lady bugs and spiders)
  • Piggies (might have to be toe puppets)
  • Big Bad Wolf and Red
  • Belly button monster (see socktopus)
  • Yoda (would that brake copy right laws?)

As you well know Halloween is fast approachin', so I've been pumpin' out Halloween puppets. This mummy is the latest addition.

Here is a representation of Nephi. He is a commission for a dear friend who hopes to keep little hands busy during church.

This is a baby snake, controlled by two rods. I made it after it was suggested that I make a worm finger puppet. To be honest I started it with the intention of making a worm and it looked like a snake in the end. So now its a baby snake.


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  2. ok.. Dallin.. stop.. He is ridiculously cute that my cute-chip almost fell out of my brain.

  3. I would like to commission you to make me a robot and an alien! You are so creative! I will happily pre pay!
    Love Aunt Robin

  4. He's absolutely adorable! I love the mummy, too.