Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Dollar Store Challenge

This is a challenge to all puppet builders!

Rules of the challenge:
All materials must be found at the dollar store.
The only exceptions are glues, paints, and tools.

The goal is to make professional looking puppets, using only dollar store materials.

My experience with the challenge went like this...

  • These are the main materials I found. Cleaning supplies were a gold mine.
  1. Scrubbers
  2. Fleece baby blankets
  3. black socks

  • The best thing I found were the green scrubbers.

  • They broke down into 3 pieces, furry dread-locks, shiny reptile skin, and cheap foam.

  • I got a bunch of them,

  • and sew'm together. I also glued the foam into a simple skull for cranial support.

  • The thing I found the most challenging were the eyes. I found ping-pong-balls, but the puppet needed something bigger. Luckily I spotted big plastic balls mixed in with miniature novelty mugs in a gumball machine. 6 dollars later I had two perfect eyes. Here is the completed puppet (the poor guy still needs a left arm):

1 comment:

  1. That was amazing. What a cool challenge. I hope someone takes you up on it.