Monday, October 25, 2010

Current Puppet Makings

These are 3 of the current projects I am working on. As you may notice, they are only heads. I have branched out a little materials-wise. The wizard is made from sculpted Styrofoam, which is then sanded and painted. I wanted to make the puppet's mouths more detailed so I have been experimenting with the blue type of Styrofoam and wood-putty. It's somewhat fragile but does the job. Then there is the Sesame Street looking character, Makenzie. She is made from the holy rolls of Antron Fleece (the fabric that is used to make the Muppets). It's awesome. It only comes in white so every thing has to be dyed unless you are making a ghost or snowman. It's furrier than normal fleece and stretches like John Candy's under britches.


  1. The cute little mouse/rat looks like the one off of Ratotulie(sp check). I love the these, I can't believe you make them!!! The lady looks like you took it straight from sesame street!!! Love you!

  2. Dallin, These guys look awesome!! Love the characters, and your craftsmanship is excellent. The SCERA is hosting our puppetry guild's 20th annual festival in april. You should come. We can't pay, (I'm working on that) but it would be good exposure. we give our local puppeteers a 5-7 minute slot in our Follies. Regardless, let me know when you are performing again, would love to see your puppets in action. we need to get you into our guild. Go to that is our guild website. You can also get your performances up on our calendar.
    Again, great work. I am very impressed.
    BTW, how did you like the Cashore Marionettes?